Back in the USA, I had a painfully long layover at O'hare in Chicago. Pictured above is an underground passageway that runs beneath the tarmac connecting a pair of O'hares many terminals. The corridors ceiling was lined with an array of rainbow colored fluorescent lights that were flashing this way and that, transforming an otherwise dreary "basement" into a warm and inviting area.

I'd like to thank you for coming on this photo adventure with me. While I built the gallery program that displayed all these wonderful picture on my own, other pieces have been gleaned from across the Interweb. As such I would like to note the sweet shadowbox software I used, as well as the wonderful open-source magnetic wall doodad. Also the lovely CSS drop shadows came from somewhere but at this moment I'm not sure where. So thanks to all you internet geniuses whose shoulders I stand upon to deliver this work.

In the above picture I've added four hidden panels from one of my favorite webcomics xkcd. The cartoons displayed are some of my favorite and hopefully give a little glimpse at with it might be like to be me.

Thanks again for your time, if you enjoyed my adventure send it to a friend. If you liked my gallery thing and are interested in using it on your own site email me at mystationwagon at gmail dot com.

Did you know..
Chicago ranks 6th in Forbes list of America's Most Expensive Cities

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